Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Getting head from Kev Adams

Hi everybody,

This appears to be my 100th post, whoop de do! And what better way to mark this occasion than by painting up a Kev Adams mini....sorta. It's the one that I asked him to sculpt my likeness onto at BOYL this year. So how did I go about choosing which mini for him to work his magic on? I had an old Chaos Renegade languishing in amongst my lead pile for well over a decade, not knowing what to do with it, so I thought he'd be the best one for Kev to give head to. The next thing to think about was the face that I wanted. I could have asked him to sculpt my own, but seeing as I'm an ugly fucker I thought I'd choose a more handsome visage instead. Where did I look to for inspiration? LaTD of course!

Page 200 in ROC, LaTD.....local "council" meeting underway.

The mayor looking rather dashing. The perfect candidate for my
head sculpt was chosen.

This is the professional looking bit of paper that I handed over to Kev
Adams to give him the proportions I was after. 

And below is a little video of the final result. Instead showing you a bunch of shitty pictures, I thought I'd give this a go for a change. Let's see if it works hey;


And this is how the ugly bastard looked after I had painted him up.

I was going to write something obscene on the tank, but I wimped out. I also thought about writing "Heinz" on it too, but my freehand is pretty rudimentary at best, so I went with big chunky block letters instead. Anyway, I'm happy with how he turned out in the end. I'm really chuffed to have a custom sculpt, albeit just his head, done by the Goblinmaster himself. I haven't painted in ages too, so it was good to get back in the saddle as well.

Cheerio hombres

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

BOYL cabinets

Hi folks,

I'm back again with another BOYL post. This time it's the cabinets. Now I took high res pics, but they were, unfortunately, taken on my phone. So the quality isn't that great, but I did take a lot, so hopefully that makes up for it. My aim wasn't to just rock up for half a day, blast home and be the first to blog about an event that I didn't take part in in any meaningful way. I wanted to photograph as many of the WD mini's as I possibly could, so that I, and you at home, could have a nostalgia hit. I remember, in previous years, when I wasn't at this event, watching from afar, wishing someone had taken more photos. Well, I tried to do what I had previously wanted others to do. Anyway, enough rambling intro, on with the show;

There were a lot more mini's on display, in a lot more cabinets, but they were from ranges that didn't interest me and or not WD oldschool cool enough.

Next up will be the games. I think I've got another two posts left of BOYL shenanigans :)

Cheers guys.